12 – Stop Doing What Isn’t Working with Chris Seth Jackson

http://www.TheSparkAndTheArt.com/12 – This week’s interview is with Chris Seth Jackson of [HowToRunABand.com][1] but what we’ll learn is how after about 4 years of providing great content and value to musicians he’s decided to move on to a new venture. 

We talk about why he’s made that decision as well as many other topics like:

 – The importance of money.   
 – The importance of multiple streams of income.
 – Finding the balance between original songs and cover music.
 – MVPs (minimum Viable Products) and building a business based on   
   solving a problem rather than building a full solution and hoping   
   people buy it after and how that relates to funding albums.

Chris also mentions a book called Die Empty – [Check Out The Book][2]

We also talk briefly about his podcast Work Hard, Rock Harder where he interviews musicians who make their living solely as a musician. – [Listen Here][3]

Chris also shared a link to his new automated gig booking service. So, if you are a musician and would like someone to help manage the booking of your shows for you be sure to [follow this link][4] for more information (The price is very, very, reasonable):

  [1]: http://howtorunaband.com
  [2]: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/book/die-empty/id580652953?mt=11&uo=4&at=10l4Hi
  [3]: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/work-hard.-rock-harder./id466224298?mt=2&uo=4&at=10l4Hi
  [4]: https://chrissethjackson.leadpages.net/band-booking-optin/

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